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Google search is a fundamental for business success

What does it take to become

An Australian SEO Expert

Well, it would take website design savvy- lots of it. We’ve been building websites since the internet was invented.

It would take analytical minds. We have some of the most qualified minds in design and marketing that you’ll find. We run seminars on marketing and have masters degrees in our particular areas of study.

It would take a broad experience of Australian business types and industries. We’ve served 172 different business types over the years, from sole traders to multinationals.

It would take a stroke of luck. Our approach to optimisation has been stumbled on, completely by accident and in the relentless pursuit of better search results for our clients. This is something we’ll share with you when as a client you’ll sign a non-disclosure form to hear the secret.


VISEO are Australian SEO experts, ready to go to work for you and your business.